Nov 9, 2007

2nd Workshop : ELISAVA Design School, Barcelona

Last week we finished another workshop ,at ELISAVA Design School in Barcelona. This time, the participants were Master students whereas at Krabbesholm School in Denmark we had the pleasure to work with foundation students.
The materials changed quite a lot too. This time around, students came packed with cork, biodegradable packaging material, metal strips from construction, Magnolia leaves, substrate from the beach and even human hair!
The workshop at ELISAVA offered 1001 possibilities to explore those materials and transform them into new ones. Who would have known leaves stitched together form a funky-looking bag, human hair mixed with glue and knotted makes a strong and beautiful cord, cork dices coated with latex in a mould form swim-armbands for kids and shredded pieces of packaging plastic ironed around a mould melt together into a lampshade.
Thanks to the DIA team for incorporating our workshop into your Master course. We really enjoyed working with you.
For more information about the Materialise workshops, click here.

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