Sep 28, 2007

First Workshop Stop: Denmark, Krabbesholm School

What happens to a CD when you put it in the oven? How do you turn the organic waste from the sewage into an object? What can you do with 1000 coat hangers? A week of materializing! A hands-on workshop gave students the opportunity to not only explore all sorts of substances but to make their own original material. Finding the raw material to begin with, discovering what it can do as well as testing its physical limits and trying out various combinations was part of the process. New techniques to shape the material had to be thought of in order to produce new material samples.
Finally these were turned into a design proposal for product design or architecture.
Thank you everybody at Krabbesholm School for making this workshop happen, it was great working with you.
For more information and photos, check out the Krabbesholm School web site.

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