Sep 26, 2007

the Materialise Me workshops

As part of the book, we do a series of workshops, based on the idea to (re)design materials within product design and architecture.


In this workshop the design process will not just start with exploring the material; you will make your own material.


Find the raw material(s).
Explore what you have found. Apply different techniques, try out combinations, and test its possibilities.
Shape the material. What are the physical limits? What tools/techniques can you use on the material?
Develop a new material. Make samples. Form them.
The design proposal; What is your material’s properties ?
Turn it into an object and/or an architectural feature.


Present the material and final design, its label* & 5 photos (one from each day). We also like videos !

*the label should hold essential information of your new material.


Workshops should last at least 5 days. If you are a design school, have workshop facilities and think your students could benefit from our project- contact us!

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