May 7, 2008

We Like: Flock, the Ceiling Light Made from Preserved Sheep Stomachs

When we first saw Flock at the Design Museum in London, the pure beauty of the ceiling light charmed us: irregular organic shapes, soft light a very detailed texture. Not being able to figure out the material it was made of, we read on the label next to it that it was made of fifty stomachs! How is that for an unusual material in design these days?

Flock’s designer Julia Lohmann likes to provoke with her creations, and remind people that we are using more animal products than the steaks we might eat ocasionally. She started researching the contradictions in our relationship to animals during her studies at the RCA, and found new ways to use leftovers from the meat industry as materials.

In an interview with the London Design Museum, Lohmann is asked: “Why did you decide to make lights from animal waste such as sheep's stomachs?” Her answer: “All animal parts are useful but we do not value them equally. We wear some and throw others away in disgust, probably because we do not want to be reminded of the animal we killed. I want to find out where we draw the line between what we regard as beautiful or disgusting. […].”

Read the whole very interesting interview here. To see more products by Julia Lohmann visit her web site, and check out the Cow Benched made from real leather, and the installation she did with Irish kelp at the Milan Design Week this month.

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