Jan 22, 2008

We Like: Gumnetic, a New Material Made from Used Chewing Gum

British product designer Anna Bullus has created a brand new material by mixing used chewing gum with bio resin, called Gumnetic. She explains that varying ratios of the mixture enable different material characteristics to be achieved.

One such mixture, the designer used to develop a Bubble Gum Bin to collect more raw material (used chewing gum in this case), which can then be made into more bins or other objects, saving thousands of chewing gums from ending up as landfill and keeping our streets cleaner. Keep a look out for these cute pink gum bins as the project is available soon for commercial use.

Anna Bullus won the British Councils National Design Award in 2007 with the Gumnetic Bin. It is another great example where the designer has created and manipulated the raw material, resulting in a more sustainable and surprising product. Check out more projects we like under the category We Like, and find more information about Gumnetic on Anna Bullus' Web Site.

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