Sep 26, 2007

What Materialise Me is all about

The designers Petz Scholtus and Mette Bak Andersen are presently writing a book that is aiming to focus designers and architects on the importance of the material in the design process.

Petz is an eco-designer and brings with her the knowledge of life-cycle analysis, recycling and biodegradable materials. Mette designs primarily for the yachting industry which means that she works with high tech materials, textiles and composites.

We like it when the material creates the object. We get excited when the material influences the design process from the beginning. We are psyched by new materials that have been created especially for a new design. We love designers who share their design process with us and don’t just show the finished piece. This is what makes us tick, what makes us designers say ‘wow’! The material is a much too important part to be left until the end of the design process, and some designers got this right. We are working on collecting those examples.

To give you a rough content idea of the book:

• Interviews with designers/architects/artists that develop or manipulate their own materials for their designs.

• Results from our workshops on materials.

• Products where the material has determined the design. (Pictures of end results and processes)

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